From Dr. John Preston “Pres” Parry

Figuring out your fertility is a lot like computer errors. You are told the obvious: “System not responding. Checking for solutions online.” But how often is a solution actually found online? Dr. Google misdiagnoses more women than anyone I know. Dr. David Adamson, past president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, once said, “People don’t come to me for information, which is online, but for perspective.”

I have worn several hats in my career – from physician to bench researcher to dad (possibly the most important of these) to epidemiologist (a specialist in designing and interpreting clinical research). Having seen medicine through so many perspectives, I want to fuse common sense with evidence and talk about it in a way that is easy to understand. That’s the goal of these blogs.

Not everything I write about will apply to everyone, and there will be exceptions, so always check with your doctor before seeing if something is the right fit for you. However, I hope these blogs can make the journey a little bit less crazy and tough, and possibly even get you closer to the destination of being a parent.

Does laughing increase your odds of getting pregnant?

So, does laughing really increase your chances of pregnancy? Let me start with saying that I know a lot of ...
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Easter Eggs

With fertility, do you have golden or goose eggs? Are they scrambled or just needing a little coddling? When trying ...
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Down for the Count: Get up, Make Your Stand Against Male Infertility Factors

Lower sperm counts can relate to environmental and lifestyle factors, many of which can be managed to treat male infertility ...
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Grand Opening Celebration – June 6, 2018

We are opening our new location! After 9 ½ months of hard labor, the day has finally arrived! Positive Steps ...
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